Blogger Q & A

Hi guys! I was challenged by Tanner Mann, author of The Life of a Womann, to answer a couple of questions that everyone always asks about blogging. I love having this blog because it is my own personal space that I can be who I am and talk about what I love without any judgment. I love the people I have met from blogging and all the other positive aspects that have come from it… you can read more below with an Q & A format.  🙂


Why did you start a blog? I started my blog as a creative outlet to showcase my fashion and lifestyle decisions all in one place. It was a hobby for me at first and but now with companies sending me products to post within a timely manner, it sort of became like a second job that I haven’t really started making money from yet. LOL everything takes time right?

Where do you get your writing inspiration from? My inspiration comes from a ton of different places, but I think what takes the cake is other bloggers. You learn that every blogger has their own style and you start to follow people (whether it be on Instagram, personal blog, Twitter, etc.) who inspire you. I have purchased a lot of items from the blogs of Caitlin Covington, Emily Gemma, Katey McFarlan, Alyson Haley, McKenna Bleu, just to name a few. These ladies have a fun, bright wardrobe that I love! They are very well-known bloggers who have figured out the game of blogging, and I always love reading their content and/or keeping up with them on social media.

What words do you have for those who are scared to start their blog? JUST DO IT. My advice for you is to come up with a catchy name, start creating your blog, write some content, take some photos, and when you are ready, hit publish. Just because you create a blog doesn’t mean you have to make it public right away… wait until YOU are ready. Also, I have learned the blogging community is a great resource. If you ever need anything or have any questions, most (can’t speak for all) are willing to help because at one time, they probably had the same question!

What are the ups and downs of having your own blog? The positive side of having a blog for me is all the people I am able to connect with that have the same interests as me. The blogging community is huge so you are able to meet a wide variety of women who want to see you succeed and inspire you throughout your journey. I also enjoy discovering new products I probably would’ve never heard of or bought without the company reaching out to me.  The downside would definitely be time management. I work a full-time job, manage my blog, while keeping up with house and dog mom duties and planning our wedding. I feel like I am tired ALL THE TIME. One more downside that I have just realized lately is always being on my phone. I feel like I live on it and some days when I get home from work, I just put it away and don’t look at it for a couple of hours because I just need that time to relax.

What other interests do you have besides your blog? Other interests besides blogging… hmm… I absolutely love shopping, going to the beach (I’m a Floridian, duh!), relaxing and watching Netflix, traveling with my fiancé, having brunch (+ mimosas) with my girls, planning our wedding, the list goes on….

Where do you hope your blog will take you in the future? One day, I hope to be blogging full-time. It’ll probably take a couple of years to actually get to that point, but I could definitely see myself doing it. People think being a full-time blogger is easy-peasy, but it is a 24/7 job. You are always on the clock, whether it be taking photos, answering emails, posting on social media + answering questions on social media, writing content, buying new products to test, traveling, etc.

I hope everyone has a great rest of their week and hope you have learned a thing or two about why I started this blog and keep it going. Love to all!

Xx, K

Victoria Emerson Design Collab Pt. 2

Hi everyone! Happy Monday – I hope everyone had a great weekend, I literally did NOTHING and it felt amazing. Saturday, my fiancé wasn’t feeling well and we spent the afternoon/night on the couch watching movies and I have to admit… I fell asleep at 9! It felt great, and today I have been cleaning & blogging all day. 🙂

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Victoria Emerson Designs and they outdid themselves yet again!! It doesn’t matter what items I pick, I know they will be the cutest, most stylish pieces. I received a variety of necklaces, bracelets, and pair of diamond studs. Below are a few photos of their designs and the links of the products – they have a great collection and you definitely need to check out of their website — HERE.

IMG_8758 2

Neon Navahoe Tassel Necklace

IMG_8130 2

Oval Neon & Turquoise Stones with Metallic Accents

IMG_8220 4

Mini Boho Bracelet

IMG_8757 2

Brass & Cotton Coral Statement Necklace

Every item I received is so bright and colorful and so perfect for spring and summer. I can’t wait to incorporate them into more of my outfits. When you click on over to their website, it asks if you want to sign up for their mailing list and you will get a 30% off. Woooooo! I hope everyone has a great rest of their week!

Xx, K

** Thank you to Victoria Emerson Designs for sponsoring this post!!**

ShopStevie Adorable Peplum (Collab)


White Denim / Similar // Steve Madden Heels // Kate Spade Handbag

 You guys – the minute I laid my eyes on ShopStevie, I fell in love (Sorry Lane)! They have the cutest, trendiest clothes for a reasonable price. How it works is anyone can sign up to be a rep for these super cute clothes, so I had the opportunity to collaborate with Stacey, a rep for ShopStevie, and she is based out of Utah. Once I was able to speak with Stacey and learn all about this company, I became obsessed. If anyone loves their clothes just as much as me, you have the opportunity to host your own ShopStevie party – just get in touch with Stacey (I linked her store website above) and see how it works. Her instagram is also –> here.

Now for the peplum top, I received a Small and it fits perfectly, I love how it is super flowy and it has the small ruffles on the neckline and your wrists. Unfortunately, this blouse is sold out on her website – she actually had to order more after I posted this top on Instagram the first time. It is the perfect color for spring and you can wear it to work or out on date night. It is versatile either way.

So for the good news – Stacey was so sweet she wanted to offer all of you 15% off with the discount code FORTHELOVEOFCOFFEY. I just checked her website, and there are super hot items right now that usually go super fast. So don’t wait, shop now!

** Thank you Stacey with ShopStevie for sponsoring this post!!**

Yellow & Bright


Yellow Dress / Similar / Similar // Nude Ankle Strap Heels

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great weekend – as for mine, it was very laid back and relaxing with close friends and family which is exactly what I needed.

Make Me Chic was so kind to send me this adorable, bright yellow dress that would be the perfect Easter dress. I chose an XS and so glad I did, because it fit perfectly everywhere but was already a little too long. Can we just talk about these sleeves for a second?! The entire time I was shooting this outfit – in my head I was singing, “I like big sleeves and I cannot lie.” Hahahahah! It’s so true though – bell sleeves are so on trend right now and these sleeves specifically are such a huge statement for this dress. You’ll definitely be noticed! The shoes I styled with this dress are Sam Edelman, but I’m not sure if the heels were discontinued because I can’t find them anywhere to link for you so I linked a similar nude, ankle strap heel that were less than $25 from the Red Dress Boutique. Love a stylish, inexpensive find! The necklace I paired with the outfit is from Victoria Emerson Designs and I did not link it because I will be doing a blog post on them the first week of April so keep an eye out for that one. 🙂

That is all I have for you tonight, y’all. I hope everyone has a great week at work or on spring break… whatever the week brings. Much love!

** Thank you MakeMeChic for sponsoring this post!!!**

Pop of Red


Off-the-Shoulder Top // Steve Madden Heels // Denim

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! It’s hump day so only TWO more work days left… yippeee!

I received this top from Romwe and while I love it, there are a couple things I would have done different when ordering with them. I would have read the size description for one, it is a one-size fits all but if you’re not an XS, it won’t fit. It was almost too small for me. Another thing, is that the color is more of a red, not a burgundy. Other than that, I absolutely love it. It is so cute for spring and summer with the off-the-shoulder and bell sleeves, which are both super trendy right now. This top would look adorable with denim pants (as in the picture) or a pair of shorts to make it more of a beachy look! 🙂 I also linked all the other products pictured too – these Steve Madden heels I bought from Amazon for less then $35. I know they were on sale too, so they may have gone up since then, but if not, grab yourself a pair. They are adorable and comfortable.

** Thank you Romwe for sponsoring this post!!**

Tassel Kimono (Under $25)


FRAME Denim // Marc Fisher Wedges + Steve Madden Wedges // White Top // Tassel Kimono // Louis Vuitton Speedy

Hi guys! I am posting so late, and I am so sorry about that but I have been busy busy busy today. This whole week has been a bit crazy, but I wouldn’t trade it. Did you guys catch the finale of the Bachelor last night? Were you happy, sad, mad, jealous of Vanessa’s 4 CT Neil Lane diamond. HOLY COW is all I have to say. To be 100% honest, I am happy about the outcome of it because Nick and Vanessa deserve each other, they are both super emotional on that annoying level….. but hey! who am I to judge? I am just hoping my girl, Raven, finds love on Paradise. WOOO! I am so excited I get to watch her again!

Anyways, off the topic of The Bachelor… this kimono is everything, y’all! I linked the right one above, it is from Target. It also comes in white which is just as cute. I actually bought the M/L because 1) the XS/S was sold out, and 2) I tried it on and I kind of liked how roomy and long it was! The size is your preference on however you want it to fit.

I hope everyone has a great week! I have a lot of new and fun collaborations coming for you all. I can’t wait until they come in. YAY!

Fun Romper Dress


Romper, Maxi Dress // Marc Fisher Adalyn

Happy Sunday, everyone! I really didn’t do much this weekend and it was absolutely wonderful. I have been needing a weekend like this for a while just to get caught up with my house. My fiancé and I cleaned all day today and now my house is picture perfect… kidding, my house will never can be perfect with my two fur babies.

This is one of my favorite dresses…I mean rompers? or both!! Perfect for a summer vacation or having drinks by the beach with the girls. I’m obsessed with the floral pattern and the low back! I bought it from Forever 21 and it was less than $30. I saw it hanging up on the wall and knew I had to have it. I linked all of the details above so you will be able to shop the link 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

Olive u Jumpsuit


Olive Jumpsuit // Sam Edelman Heels // Tory Burch Wristlet

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday aka Hump Day! I am snuggled up on the couch drinking wine, watching How I Met Your Mother (my guilty pleasure, thx Tanner!!) and just finished eating my lettuce wraps. NomNom! I hope your night is going just as well!

This olive jumpsuit is by GB by Gianni Bini from Dillards and it fits like a glove! My friend made me try it on, even though I didn’t want too because I knew if I fit well I would fall in love. Well guys… I fell in love and bought it. The slide slits make it even more edgy and sassy. I linked all of the products above so you can shop from those links. Don’t forget on Instagram you can screenshot my photos and if you have the Liketoknow.It app, all the deets will pop up so you don’t have to receive those emails.

I hope everyone has a great rest of your week! My fiancé and I are taking engagement photos on Friday and I am STOKED!!! 🙂

xx, K

Mint Green Mini


Mint Green Mini Skirt (Similar) / Similar / White Chiffon Top / Marc Fisher Adalyne / Kendra Scott Necklace / Light Pink Handbag

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope everyone had a fab weekend – my Saturday was completely booked. I picked up my wedding dress (FINALLY, I’ve been waiting since September!) and then I went to the little sis’ pageant which she WON!! Now she will be competing for Miss. Florida Outstanding Teen in Lakeland, FL. Woo! So excited for her!

This Mint Green mini skirt I found at Forever21, and honestly I have been waiting to post this outfit because I can not find it anywhere on the website and I have been looking for a month since I bought it. I ended up linking two similar skirts that I thought were equally cute, so I am sorry I couldn’t find the exact one. I am obsessed with this look because it is so perfect for Spring – especially Florida’s spring where it is 80 degrees.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week – my fiancé and I are taking our engagement photos this Friday and I am so excited!! 🙂 Oh and don’t forget Woman Tell All on Bachelor is on tomorrow!! WOO!!


How to: Wedding Planning

For those of you who don’t know me, Lane and I got engaged last May (2016) in California. The night he proposed I started planning my dream wedding….

…wait, who am I kidding?

I’ve been planning my dream wedding for a couple years now or since I discovered Pinterest. Which by the way – what did we ever do without Pinterest?! So lets back up…

The night he proposed I couldn’t help but talk everything wedding with Lane from colors to dates to bridal party, I was just so excited. It has been 9 months since we got engaged and we have 8 more months left until we wed.

For anyone who is planning their wedding or has just started it is an ENTIRE learning process and you will learn so much as you go. I will tell you all my advice and experiences, but every person and their plan is different so take as much or as little as you’d like. I promise you, you will either LOVE it or HATE it. There is no in-between. My mom and I have fallen in love with this whole process and have even thought about starting a career in wedding planning (and YES, I said my mom because duh! I’m a momma’s girl and she has to love it too and we all know guys could care less what color Charger we will use…).

Okay, so first things first…

  • Pin, pin, pin, pin! Come up with a theme because half of your vendors will ask “what is your wedding theme?” Our theme is classy and elegant, and with those two little words “BAM!” they know what I want.
  • Start a wedding planner – I promise you it will come in handy. Some days you will feel lost and need that to keep sane, and other days you will feel boujee and get sh** crossed off your to-do list. Either way, the planner is a must.
  • Pick a budget and TRY to stick with it whether you are saving up and paying for it, parents are paying for it, or in-laws are paying for it. I will be completely honest with you, you will probably spend a little more than what your budget is. It is just reality, because you don’t really know what your getting into so you put what you *THINK* it is going to be before taxes, tips, etc. Just food for thought !!!
  • For those of you whose man just knelt down on one knee and asked to spend the rest of their life with you.. ( CONGRATULATIONS AND I HOPE YOU LEARN A LOT FROM THIS!!! ) just remember this – March, April, October and November are considered “the wedding season” and if you want to find a venue during “the wedding season”, you need to make sure your date is flexible. We were lucky enough that the date we wanted was open, October 21, 2017 because we booked it 17 months ahead of time.
  • Speaking of the venue, BEFORE looking at venues, you need to make a rough draft guest list. You may be wondering why do I need to make a list so soon in the game?! Most venues have a limit on how many guests you are allowed so it is a good idea to have a rough estimate before falling in love with a venue. We wanted a venue that would fit up to 200 people, so that’s why we went with Hammock Beach Resort amongst other reasons.
  • Lane and I were clueless on what type of venue we wanted, we knew we would like to get married by the beach because we are both water babies, but we didn’t want it ON the beach. My advice to you is narrow down your favorite attributes on a couple venues and go “venue shopping!” and by that I mean, drive by and if you can go explore the venue (ours is a resort so we just walked right in like we owned the place!) before making a consultation so you don’t waste your time. Within the first 10 minutes you will know if you want it keep it on the list.
  • For me, it was important to pick my wedding party early because I wanted them to be involved in as much as they wanted. I wanted their opinion when I went wedding dress shopping, bridesmaids shopping, picking out invitations, wedding decor. I literally text my MOH about every. single. little. thing. Sorry Mag 😉
  • Just to let you guys know, I’m not going in any type of order – just typing as I think – it is v important that you DONT look at other dresses after you have found “THE ONE”, just don’t!!!!
  • On the dress note, also don’t settle until you have found “THE ONE”, it is out there, there is one for everyone so just keep looking if you haven’t fallen in love.
  • Before picking a vendor, check The Knot or Wedding Wire and read a couple of the reviews, especially if it is a random one. Fortunately, my photographer, videographer, makeup artist, and hair stylist are people I have known forever.
  • GO TO BRIDAL EXPOS, even if you have a few vendors already, they are a lot of fun and you learn a lot. We found our DJ at the Bridal Expo in Jax and Carlton is literally the best. We had a consultation with him afterwards and he is the perfect match for Lane and I… (he also has 5 stars on The Knot, etc which I checked before consulting with him.)
  • With 8 months left until our wedding, I am getting our Save-the-Dates ready which I will be sending out in March. You want to try to send those out 6-8 months before the wedding.
  • Don’t feel obligated to invite everyone you know… this is a hard one for me to deal with, but at the end of the day it is about you, not them.
  • DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. You may be SO SICK of the word wedding after a couple of months (or if you are making your man help with planning – he will be sick of the word even more LOL) but I promise you will feel less-stressed and relaxed if you plan months ahead of time. I have all of my BIG vendors booked already 8 months out, and I am picking up my dress this weekend. A couple little things we have to do is do a cake testing, pick out invitations, pick out our playlist for our DJ, finalize the guest list, etc.
  • If you throw an engagement party, make sure everyone you invite are invited to the wedding.
  • Last but not least, pick a MOH that will be there for you 24/7. I don’t know what I would do without my personal stylist aka MOH because she is literally 3rd in command after Lane and I. She keeps me sane and helps me when I have big decisions (like picking out the perfect Bachelorette weekend house ;-)).

I hope this helps a little! I plan on doing another blog post after the wedding when I learn even more. Like I said before, we are still 8 months out, so there is a lot of little things left to be done. I wanted to write this post mainly to help get everyone started in planning their wedding. It is a learning experience for all of us! If you ever have any questions or recommendations, let me know! I would love to try to help! 🙂

I hope you have a great rest of the week!