ShopStevie Adorable Peplum (Collab)


White Denim / Similar // Steve Madden Heels // Kate Spade Handbag

 You guys – the minute I laid my eyes on ShopStevie, I fell in love (Sorry Lane)! They have the cutest, trendiest clothes for a reasonable price. How it works is anyone can sign up to be a rep for these super cute clothes, so I had the opportunity to collaborate with Stacey, a rep for ShopStevie, and she is based out of Utah. Once I was able to speak with Stacey and learn all about this company, I became obsessed. If anyone loves their clothes just as much as me, you have the opportunity to host your own ShopStevie party – just get in touch with Stacey (I linked her store website above) and see how it works. Her instagram is also –> here.

Now for the peplum top, I received a Small and it fits perfectly, I love how it is super flowy and it has the small ruffles on the neckline and your wrists. Unfortunately, this blouse is sold out on her website – she actually had to order more after I posted this top on Instagram the first time. It is the perfect color for spring and you can wear it to work or out on date night. It is versatile either way.

So for the good news – Stacey was so sweet she wanted to offer all of you 15% off with the discount code FORTHELOVEOFCOFFEY. I just checked her website, and there are super hot items right now that usually go super fast. So don’t wait, shop now!

** Thank you Stacey with ShopStevie for sponsoring this post!!**

Yellow & Bright


Yellow Dress / Similar / Similar // Nude Ankle Strap Heels

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great weekend – as for mine, it was very laid back and relaxing with close friends and family which is exactly what I needed.

Make Me Chic was so kind to send me this adorable, bright yellow dress that would be the perfect Easter dress. I chose an XS and so glad I did, because it fit perfectly everywhere but was already a little too long. Can we just talk about these sleeves for a second?! The entire time I was shooting this outfit – in my head I was singing, “I like big sleeves and I cannot lie.” Hahahahah! It’s so true though – bell sleeves are so on trend right now and these sleeves specifically are such a huge statement for this dress. You’ll definitely be noticed! The shoes I styled with this dress are Sam Edelman, but I’m not sure if the heels were discontinued because I can’t find them anywhere to link for you so I linked a similar nude, ankle strap heel that were less than $25 from the Red Dress Boutique. Love a stylish, inexpensive find! The necklace I paired with the outfit is from Victoria Emerson Designs and I did not link it because I will be doing a blog post on them the first week of April so keep an eye out for that one. 🙂

That is all I have for you tonight, y’all. I hope everyone has a great week at work or on spring break… whatever the week brings. Much love!

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Colorful Spring Maxi


Green Maxi Skirt / White Crop Top / Pink Kendra Scott Drop Earrings / Tory Burch Miller Sandals / Valentino Bag (Similar)

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Who’s ready for the Bachelor tonight?! It is getting SO close to the end, I am wondering who is going to win. I know it’s not going to be Corinne because I am pretty sure no one would ever watch the Bachelor series again if she won. LOL So who do you think will win? Are you a Raven fan or a Vanessa fan? I won’t tell you who I choose yet… I’m going to wait until next week!

This green skirt has SPRING written all over it!! It is so comfortable and would be the perfect look for a shopping trip or grabbing drinks by the beach! I received this maxi from SheIn and I was absolutely thrilled when got it – the fit was amazing and matched very true to size from the website which I was happy about. The best part is this skirt is under $26 – I have linked everything right under the pictures so you can get all the details there.

I hope everyone has a great week! 🙂


**Thank you SheIn for sponsoring this post!!!**


Welcome back to For the Love of Coffey! I have to admit, it has been a fun and stress-free December not having to blog during this SUPER crazy, busy month. I thought about doing a post here & there, but I literally had no time at all. So I decided to take the entire month off to focus on my finals, graduate from college, and spend time with family and friends during the holidays all while working a full-time job. Talk about exhausting this month has been, but every bit of it has been amazing. So here’s a recap on 2016 – and some 2017 resolutions…


Wow! What a year it has been, 2016 definitely felt like the fastest year of my life. I feel like I was just writing my blog post { 2 0 1 6 } just the other week. Personally, this year was a great year for me, there’s been a couple ups and downs, but whose life is perfect?! Let’s take a walk down memory lane…

  • Rang in 2016 for the 7th time with the love of my life
  • Traveled to the beautiful city of Charleston with one of our favorite couples
  • Traveled to New York City for 8 days with 16 random girls from the University of Florida, who ended up becoming more like a fam… they are absolutely wonderful and I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet all of them (Oh and we got to touch the New Years Eve Ball- good luck maybe?!)
  • Turned the big “2-4”, can I just stay this age forever?! ahhhhh
  • Traveled to Los Angeles with my lover
  • Loving every minute of being engaged and wedding planning
  • Found the PERFECT venue for our wedding
  • Found the PERFECT dress for our wedding
  • Lots of pool/lake parties
  • Traveling to Palm Coast and vacationing at our venue for 4 days
  • Taking my last final ever
  • Bringing in 2017 with my fiancé ❤

Just a few noteworthy things that happened this year that made it the best year yet… I can’t wait to hit 100% on the wedding planning, but I have to admit I am enjoying every second of it. I am so happy now I get to focus mainly on it now that school is done. For. Good. Some resolutions for 2017 because, you know, the new year wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have any…

  • Staying calm while wedding planning & while getting closer to the wedding
  • Exercise more, eat healthy (less pizza & cookies, y’all)
  • Take care of my body, you only get one
  • Blog, blog, blog – I have so so so many ideas for you all, I can’t wait to share!!
  • Enjoy being engaged and don’t rush anything
  • Travel, travel, travel – we are still up in the air about our honeymoon so any recommendations would be great
  • SHOP less, SAVE more – words a blogger never want to hear
  • Be the best person I can be to everyone around me because no one is guaranteed tomorrow
Photo Compliments to Amy Renee Photography

SO CHEERS TO 2017!!!

May all your blessings be answered and dreams come true ❤ I am so so so excited to see what this year has in store for everyone.

K xx


What to Wear: Thanksgiving (Florida Edition)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!

Hello to all my fashionista’s!

I hope everyone is having a fab week, I know I am because, hellllloooo, 3-DAY WORK WEEK  / 4-DAY WEEKEND *insert confetti emoji* !! This is my favorite time of year and one of the things I love most is spending the holidays with family and friends, and it makes me so happy the time is finally here. I’m not sure if everyone else is the same, but I get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life, that I forget the simple things in life like being with the ones who matter most to you.

I love dressing up for the holidays, {DISCLAIMER: I love dressing up always !!} as I’m sure you do too, or else you wouldn’t be reading this. So, Thanksgiving is TOMORROW… Are you in a bind and have no idea what to wear? Are you sad because you had the cutest Fall outfit picked out, but Florida decides it wants to be 80 degrees? Do you have a blouse and just have NO idea how to style it? If you said yes to any of these questions, just keep reading! I am going to show you my top 4 outfits that are Florida proof and trendy! I am sure you have the items laying around your house so you can recreate these outfits, in a later post I plan to go into more details about the outfits regarding where I bought, how much, etc. So are you ready!?


Can’t go wrong with a little black & white!

All your favorite Fall neutrals in one look!

This sweater is so lightweight that it would be perfect for Florida weather.dsc_4762

One of my favorite looks!

I just noticed all of these looks are so neutral – but hey! it’s Fall, and that’s what were going for. LOL! I hope I give you some style inspo so you can gather up the PERFECT Thanksgiving outfit! I have lots of faith in you all, so don’t forget to post your look & mention me! 🙂

I won’t be blogging again until the weekend, so everyone enjoy their holiday and be safe if you are brave enough to Black Friday shop!

K xx

Green Cold Shoulder Sweater — MakeMeChic Collab

Happy Halloweeeeeen, friends!



Green Asymmetric Cold Shoulder Sweater // Dark Denim // Sam Edelman Pumps // Dual Stone Ring – 1/2 off right now

I partnered with MakeMeChic for this blog post, and they were sweet enough to send me this adorable sweater! I am obsessing over it right now, and have worn it multiple times. I’m really digging the asymmetrical one cold shoulder style, makes the sweater sexy and different imo. The material is actually really soft and not itchy at all. I’m always worried when I purchase or receive sweaters from online, because if I don’t like the material, you will not catch me wearing it.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was a relaxing one for my fiancé and I which was nice 🙂 we watched the Gators kick Georgia’s butt and went to a Halloween party Saturday night as The Purge. My first Halloween in 24 years that I dressed up as something scary. Lol! Today we carved aka painted pumpkins, which might I add I enjoy 100% more!!!!


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Xo, K

7 Things People Don’t Tell You About Being Engaged

Hi y’all!

Today I am taking a little breather from all the fashion posts, and writing a post about a handful of things I have learned (that no one told me) since being proposed too. I can tell you right now, being engaged to is one of the best feelings in the world and I hope you all will experience it one day either soon or later in life. I have been engaged 5 months (WOW! time flies!) and I am still learning things daily about wedding planning, etc. This post kind of reminds me why I started blogging in the first place, because my love for writing so if I go on and on, I am simply sorry. 🙂


  • You never really get used to saying fiancé. This is definitely true. Lane (my fiancé) gets caught saying “You’re the best girlfriend, I mean fiancé” ALLLLLL the time. Still. 5 months later. Haha! It is even harder when you have been with that person for years and then all of a sudden one day, you are calling each other something completely different out of the norm. Mostly because it feels as if you are in a dream, and you wake up a couple days (maybe even weeks) later thinking am I still engaged? By the time we get married, it may feel normal, but then we will be calling each other hubby & wife. 😛
  • Everyone has different views for their wedding. This one you have to watch out for. While you may love an idea, your friend or person you’re talking to may hate it. There is NO right or wrong way to plan a wedding, so just remember some people are sensitive so you never want to go on and on about how stupid something is. Everyone is different, some people want small weddings, some people want extravagent weddings, some people want 2 bridesmaids, others may want 20. Either way, just watch what you say.
  • You’ll watch wedding movies & tv shows differently.  So can I be completely honest with you guys for a second? The week I got home from California when Lane proposed to me, the first tv show that I bought on Amazon Prime was “Say Yes to the Dress.” Like MULTIPLE SEASONS. I was obsessed. Still am, just not as much. Before I got engaged I would watch it when nothing was on television to pass time by, but I would have NEVER BOUGHT the entire season. Anyways, I learned a lot from it. What to do and what NOT to do when wedding gown shopping.
  • You won’t be able to stop staring at your hand. Completely true. For 24 years, I never had anything sparkly on my hands, and one day I got a gorgeous diamond ring, so yes I find myself constantly staring at how beautiful my ring is every day. If you tell your fiancé that too, you’ll see how much their face lights up. They love hearing that ❤
  • People come out of nowhere. This is true for multiple things, not just weddings. I don’t really have to explain this one.
  • All you want to do is Pinterest wedding inspo all day long. True story. All I want to do during my free time (or you know when I need to be studying) is look at wedding ideas. There is SOOOO much to choose from, and so many beautiful flowers and decor, like can I have one of each for every table?! 😛 Just kidding.
  • This is truly an amazing time in your life. Planning a wedding is one of the biggest events in your life, and I believe it shouldn’t be stressful or something that makes you upset. It should truly be a blast picking out decor, flowers, dresses, venue, etc. and Pinterest makes your life like 80% easier during this time. Do you ever wonder what we ever did before Pinterest was created?! Lol.. Definitely makes planning a lot easier. Anyways, relax and don’t stress… everything will be perfect because what matters most will be right in front of your face (your fiancé….now husband), not the flowers on table 7.


Well, if you made it this far, I didn’t ramble too much for you! Anyone who is engaged have these things happen to them too?! 🙂 Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

Xo, K

Black + Grey + Cognac

Hi everyone!

So sorry I’ve been MIA for the last week, I had a huge exam last Thursday I was studying for, and a busy busy busy weekend. Needless to say, I had a very LARGE cup of coffee this morning at work. I will be gone all weekend on vacation with lots and lots of cute outfits packed, so there will be lots of blog posts and inspiration coming soon. 🙂 can’t you tell, I am super duper excited! Like I have said in multiple posts, my obsession this fall is neutrals, as it should be. I love anything black, grey, or tan (and I always add in some olive or burgundy!) so you may see a lot of that this Fall. Sorry, not sorry 😉


Shop this look– Grey Tee: HereSimilar, Similar // Denim: HereSimilar // Shoes: Similar, Similar

By the way loves, I bought this adorable grey shirt from a website my friend just launched called Go check it out!!! 🙂

Also check out my Instagram & keep updated on my last adventures!


Xo, K

Polka Dot Love + Another SheIn Review

Happy Hump Day, everyone! Hope you all are having a good week so far.

I am so excited for this outfit, I’m usually all about stripes, but SheIn sent me this polka dotted blouse, and I absolutely love it. The quality of it is great and the material is on the thinner side, so you can still wear it for a night during the summer or for a warmer Fall day. I paired them with my black destroyed jeans that I just got, but you could wear the blouse with a nice pair of leggings, or dark jeans with black knee high boots or short black booties.. the options are endless loves!

I have to admit, I have gotten a lot of comments about SheIn saying their website is sketchy, don’t order anything, it’s a scam, etc. While that may be true for some products, the products that I have personally bought and received from their PR department are always in perfect condition. The MOST IMPORTANT thing with ANY company especially for clothes is to READ THE REVIEWS! If I like a product that has no reviews or negative reviews, I do not purchase it. If the reviews say the fit is weird or it runs super small or large, I usually don’t purchase it because I don’t want to waste money on something that may or may not fit. I know when the company used to be SheInside, the clothes were more on the negative side, but since the company has received more sales, popularity, reaching out to bloggers and whatnot, the products are better with quality. This is my honest review, and I was not paid to say this.



Shop this look– Blouse: SheIn, Similar Here, Similar Here // Denim: SheIn, Similar Here, & Here // Shoes: Target, Similar Here

Happy Shopping!

Xo, K

Must-Have Summer Two Piece

Hi hiiii beauties —


I have collaborated with SheIn once again with this adorable, summer two-piece look. While the Florida girls, like me, are holding onto summer for just a little bit longer, this adorable outfit would go perfect for a date night, GNO, or beach trip! I love the versatility of it by dressing it up or down. I also love the fact that it doesn’t show much skin. This was the second outfit that SheIn has sent me, and I have to admit, I am impressed with the material of them both. The two-piece is very thin material, but it is not see-through at all. It covers up everything that needs to be covered, so that’s a plus. I would definitely recommend this outfit to anyone, and that is my honest opinion. 🙂


Shop this look: Two Piece, similar here, similar here

Happy Shopping!

Xo, K